Successful Companies.

Engaged Employees.

Cohesive Teams.

We can help you get there

Create Clarity

Getting your leaders 100% in alignment with your vision: who you are, what you do, where you are headed, and how you will get there.

Enable Accountability

Helping your leaders execute consistently, becoming more disciplined and accountable, and achieving every piece of

your vision.

Build Healthy Teams

Guiding your leaders to create healthy, functional, cohesive teams that are build on trust and are focused on results.

Are you getting what you want from your business?

Not sure? You are not alone. Many business owners feel that way. Running and growing a business is hard.

We've been there, too.


  • Unsure if you have the right people in the right seats?

  • People not working as a team?

  • No one cares as much as you do?


  • Things feel a bit chaotic?

  • Are you putting out fires every day?

  • Are processes not defined and followed?


  • Stagnant growth?

  • Uncontrolled growth?

  • Not enough profit?

At Fifth Ascent we are passionate about helping business owners and leadership teams create sustainable growth.

EOS® is a comprehensive Business Management System that will allow your organization to thrive even in uncertain times.


"The EOS process has helped us to become a more cohesive team that communicates openly and effectively. Working with Andreas has helped us to stay on task during planning sessions. He has guided us through difficult discussions that may have been avoided without his involvement. He's helped us realize alignment within our organization."

Shane Dewitt, Integrator AquaChem

"After using “traditional” consulting companies we found little value added to our business, we were often left with more confusion than actionable tasks and skeptical of consultants in general. After reading “Get a Grip” we decided to self-implement, after about 6 months, we gained some “traction” but found ourselves thinking we could use some help.

What a difference Andreas made, His knowledge of the EOS system and small business made us comfortable right from the start, with a no nonsense but caring approach Andreas helped the leadership team get in alignment and “rowing in the same direction”. Now 15 months into our implementation with Andreas, we are streets ahead of where we would have been had we continued down the self-implementation path.

If you are considering EOS as an operating system for your company I highly recommend Andreas and all he will bring to your business."

David Lloyd, Owner Lloyd's Custom Woodwork

Ready to make a Change?
Grow your Company in 3 simple steps

1. Discovery Call

We ask, listen and learn

We discuss how we can help you get more of what you want from your business

2. Meet with US

We meet with your leadership team to understand if we are a good fit for your organization and to help you increase it's value

3. Grow

We implement a complete system, with simple, practical tools that will help you be more successful and live a better life

We provide a complete framework for sustainable growth

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Andreas Dankelmann

Founder, Fifth Ascent

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Andreas is an entrepreneur and former co-owner and COO of multiple high growth companies. After making his successful exit, he is now dedicating his work to helping organizations build high performing teams that deliver on their promises and create sustainable growth

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