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Setting Achievable Goals for Your Company in 2023
How to Set, Prioritize, and Achieve SMART Goals for Your Company In 2023
Wait a minute, 2022 isn’t over yet, right? Technically, that’s true. But the holiday season will soon be upon us, and the time for strategic business planning is slipping rapidly into 2023.  It’s hard to believe that another year has almost gone by already. Small businesses are recovering from several difficult years, and there are…
People, Time, and Money—How to Manage Your Most Important Assets
People, Time, and Money—How to Manage Your Most Important Assets
What’s more important to a business than its people, their time, and the capital it consumes? Just how important are employees to a business? Business guru and entrepreneur par excellence Marcus Lemonis sums it up perfectly: How often have you heard a company say, “Employees are our greatest asset”?  It is a favorite saying in…
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Behavioral data: What it is and what it means for a remote workforce
How to measure workplace behavior Making use of behavioral data starts by understanding how it’s measured. The Predictive Index’s science team classifies workplace behavior as four different drives: By understanding how “high” or “low” a person falls within each of these drives, leaders can predict how employees will carry themselves on the job. For example,…
Celebrating the Wins: Work Hard, Play Hard!
Celebrating the Wins: Work Hard, Play Hard!
Who doesn’t want to create a more engaged, productive team of innovative leaders in their business? A motivated, engaged team is a productive, sustainable team. From the Society for Human Resource Management: Not only does engagement have the potential to significantly affect employee retention, productivity, and loyalty, it’s also a key link to customer satisfaction,…